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I sometimes wonder, when I hear these often misogynist anecdotes about Frame "hiding away", whether the Sargeson acolytes even knew that Frame didn't stay in the shed over the weekends.

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Perhaps they imagined her locked away in the hut, as they walked around it loudly whispering, wondering how any girl could resist their boyish charms. What was wrong with her, that she should hide away like a hermit when she should - if she were normal - emerge to worship at the altar of their male wit. But perhaps she wasn't even there! Another thing the usually demeaning stories never mention, is the fact that Janet Frame's mother died during the time she stayed with Frank.

There's no room on their inhuman pedestal for a grieving, human Janet Frame.

I hope my words do something to challenge the hardened official discourse. And speaking of hardened official discourses about Janet Frame promoted by the institutional patriarchy, here is my opinion of a document which has emerged from the hallowed ivory towers of academia: it is called Gifted but I prefer to know it by the nick-name Ripped Off and it is the 'novel' published earlier this year by one Professor Evans: It's a Rip Off. There's currently a despicable travesty of Janet Frame finding favour with New Zealand's chattering classes.

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So many facts are changed, but the bloodless inhuman Frame that emerges amuses the ignorant crowd. And what facts are changed? The fictional Frame appears out of nowhere and lands on Frank's doorstep. The real Frame was sought out by Frank because of her fame and her reputation for brilliance. He wanted to have a piece of her and add her to his string of disciples. The fictional Frame hasn't published yet.

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The real Frame had won the national Fiction prize years beforehand for her book of stories, and was publishing frequently in major magazines, had read a story on the radio, and had already gathered a reputation as being one of the "best since Mansfield".

The fictional Janet comes out of nowhere, the real Janet had already established important connections and friendships with literary figures.

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The fictional Frame is an inhuman cypher who lives in a fantasy realm on the other side of language and only knows the real world through words. The real Frame had done substantial time working as a house maid and as a nurse aid to elderly people, and was a human being full of pity and compassion. She grieved, as one does, when her mother died.

Who knows what 'disturbance' that grief was interpreted as.

The fictional Frame is a cartoon character, a puppet. A solitary, and socially inept. The real Frame was shy at first, and traumatised by the abuses recently suffered, but once she realised she was in company she could trust, she was a voluble, articulate, witty and effervescent companion, who participated fully in the active social life surrounding Sargeson.

One can see why all these facts have been changed, because the fantasy inhuman Frame doesn't make sense if the facts of the real Frame are acknowledged.

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The elderly professor who wrote the novel wants his readers to think his puppet Frame is evasive and odd and ethereal, a riddling mystery, austere, out of touch, so he invents the characteristics that will make her seem so. None of the gross distortions of historical fact have been identified by any of the reviews of the novel. I haven't even seen any debate or discussion of the questionable ethics of reinventing facts about someone who died so recently.

If this were taken as pure fiction, it wouldn't be so bad, but there is a deliberate attempt to blur the reception. The naive well-meaning reader seems to be confusing the Frame of the novel for the real one. Certainly every single review I have seen, has made this mistake of assuming that there can be any insight into the real Frame offered by a novel written about her by someone who has had to represent her even as hiding the fact of having been a patient in a mental hospital.

All reviews have been accompanied by photographs of the real star - Frame herself. There is usually no photo of the author of the novel.

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Helen has had over 20 years in early years, from pre-schools to being a deputy manager for a large corporate nursery. Her continuous passion for early years brought Helen to start Little Angels in originally located in Abingdon, from here the care and compassion for a homely place for children to learn and grow grew and the little angels wings stretched out to Marcham.

Kaye completed the mother and daughter partnership in , this strong relationship cemented the family approach to childcare. Kaye was recognised for all her hard work being named a Finalist as Nursery Worker of the Year Nicola has been a part of Little Angels since completing her Level 2 at college over 10 years ago.

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During her time Nicola has developed her skills completed her level 3 in childcare and progressed to the Deputy Manager. During her time here her experience and skills have led her to her role of Deputy Manager. Amy joined the team as an apprentice and has progressed throughout her time here and is now level 3 qualified in childcare. Micheala is the queen of flexibility, you will find her both in the baby and pre school room. Her kind and caring nature is at the heart of little angels.