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Oct 7. Oct And when further splitting these suicides up according to reported coffee consumption, the numbers became even smaller. Also, any study relying on small numbers has a high possibility that any associations found will be due to chance. In addition, there is the possibility that coffee consumption is not directly reducing risk of suicide but that any link is being influenced by other unmeasured confounding factors. One example, given by the researchers, is that people who feel anxious may avoid drinking coffee as it makes their symptoms worse.

So the apparent association between coffee and mental health outcomes could be a "symptom" rather than a "cause".

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Overall the findings do not support a recommendation to increase coffee consumption in an effort to benefit mental health. The three cohorts in this study were all funded by the US National Institutes of Health though the analysis of data used in this particular study has received no direct funding. The study has analysed data collected from three large cohorts, which were not set up to examine the effects of coffee consumption on risk of suicide.

The results have numerous limitations meaning that we cannot have confidence that there is any direct association. This study combined data from three large US cohort studies examining the association between coffee and caffeine consumption and suicide risk.

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The researchers say that coffee is widely used as a stimulant to reduce fatigue and improve vigilance and performance. The effects of caffeine upon neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin, have led to speculation that caffeine could have antidepressant effects.

Are those daily cups of coffee protective against suicide?

Previous research has observed depression and suicide rates decline with increasing consumption of caffeinated coffee. The current research combined data from the three cohorts to examine this supposed association in greater detail. Also, though the research has combined the results of three US cohorts, several other research studies have investigated if there is an association between coffee consumption and mental illness.

So perhaps a systematic review combining the findings of all observational research would have been a preferable study design.

Can drinking coffee really cut suicide risk by half?

People in all three studies were followed up with health and lifestyle questionnaires every two years including diet questions every four years. They excluded people with cardiovascular disease or cancer at baseline. Similar food frequency questionnaires were used in the three studies.

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  7. They were asked how often they drank a specified amount of the drink such as one cup or one glass with nine response options ranging from never, to six or more per day. The outcome of interest was deaths coded as due to suicide or self-inflicted injury. One large Finnish study showed a higher risk of suicide among people drinking eight or nine cups per day.

    Few participants in the two HSPH studies drank such large amounts of coffee, so the studies did not address the impact of six or more cups of coffee per day. Pan now works at the National University of Singapore. A medication typically prescribed to treat heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia is one of the few drugs that is inactivated by gut microbes, said Peter Turnbaugh left , the senior author of a new paper on the topic.


    The research also identifies a possible way to stop the process from happening. Turnbaugh is pictured with Henry Haiser, who worked with him on the research. Skip to content The Harvard Gazette Coffee drinking tied to lower risk of suicide Bacterial blockade.