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Please bring that feature back ASAP before it ruins the migration season we wait all year for.

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We're sorry to hear about your experience with the app. We have made some changes to the Explore section, but it is still possible to see what birds you might find in other locations. You can use the location search bar at the top of both the Hotspots and Sightings tabs to search for recent sightings in any location around the world—not just at Hotspots.

Coming soon, we'll have a much-improved way to view sightings for a single species on a map, so you can visualize where it has popped up recently. Hopefully this is helpful. If there is any other way we can assist you, or if you have additional feedback on how we can make the app better, please contact us at beta audubon. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description The Audubon Bird Guide is a free and complete field guide to over species of North American birds, right in your pocket. Sep 20, Version 5. Size Category Reference.

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Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Languages English. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Twelve groups, including sparrows, warblers, finches, and blackbirds, were particularly hard hit.

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Even introduced species that have thrived in North America, such as starlings and house sparrows, are losing ground. Annual surveys show that since , North American birds have dwindled in all habitats except wetlands top. Whereas most groups have declined bottom , ducks and geese have flourished, as have raptors since the ban on DDT. Some of the causes may be subtle. Climate change, habitat loss, shifts in food webs, and even cats may all be adding to the problem, and not just for birds. Weather radar data revealed similarly steep declines.

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Radar detects not just rain, but also insect swarms and flocks of birds, which stand out at night, when birds usually migrate. He converted "blobs" from radar stations into biomass. The greatest decline was in birds migrating up the eastern United States. The recovery of eagles and other raptors after the U.

Concurrent with the paper, a coalition of conservation groups has come up with policy recommendations and an action plan for citizens. Simple steps, such as keeping cats indoors or planting native plants, can help, Rosenberg says.

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By Jeffrey Brainard Oct. Nests and Eggs: The ostrich lays the largest birds' eggs ; their eggs are up to 4. Birds bear their young in hard-shelled eggs which hatch after some time. Some birds, like chickens, lay eggs each day, others like the maleo may go for years between laying eggs. Birds build nests for breeding in trees, on cliffs, or on the ground. Most birds are taken care of by at least one parent until they are able to fly and get their own food. Bird Incubation Period Chicken days Ostrich days Parakeet budgie days Pigeon days Swan 30 days Toucan 18 days The incubation period of bird eggs varies from species to species.

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There's also some variability due to the temperature. Some birds, like old-world cuckoos and some cowbirds, lay their eggs in other bird's nests. The non-related adult bird takes care of the cuckoo's egg unwittingly. Some cuckoos even kill the other eggs in the nest to insure that their egg gets enough food. Migration: Many bird species migrate to a cooler climate for reproducing and summer feeding, and then return to a warmer climate for the winter. It is unknown exactly how birds are able to navigate accurately , but many people are studying this mystery of how birds know where to fly. The Classification of Birds: Birds belong to the biological class Aves and live virtually everywhere on Earth.

Birds are amniotes, animals whose eggs are protected from drying out a group that includes the mammals , birds, dinosaurs, and reptiles. There are about 9, different species of birds, divided into 24 orders and Families. Most birds alive today are Neognathae a group distinguished by common palate structure.

Another, much smaller group, is the Palaeognathae again grouped by palate structure , which includes the ostrich , kiwi , emu , rhea, and others. The Evolution of Birds: Birds probably evolved from meat-eating theropod dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era , roughly million years ago. Early birds, like Archaeopteryx , had teeth in their mouth and claws on their wings. Bird Songs: Birds sing beautiful and diversified songs.

Many songbirds are becoming scarcer every year. Songbirds have a vocal organ called the syrinx located in the throat. The muscular syrinx has two halves that each vibrate to produce songs, so the bird can sing two notes at a time.

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To sing, a bird blows air from the lungs through the syrinx. Do Bird Have Knees? Yes, birds have knees they're often under the feathers and not easily visible , and they bend the same way our knees bend. The part of a bird's legs that bends backwards when it walks is the ankle. Heart Rate and Breathing: In order to fly, birds need a lot of oxygen, which they get by breathing air using lungs.

They also need a strong circulatory system, including a powerful heart in order to circulate the oxygen. A bird's heart beats much faster than our heart does.

A hummingbird's heart beats about 1, times each minute; a human's heart beats about times each minute. Birds breathe using a unique system in which air follows a one-way route through the respiratory system. This system is unlike our lungs, in which the air backtracks where it came from. Their system of respiration breathing is very efficient - much more efficient than our system.

Birds have two relatively small lungs where gas exchange occurs , but the lungs are augmented by bellows-like air sacs where no gas exchange occurs.