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The Shaken One and the Other Within. The Shaken One and the Other Beyond. The Shaken One and the Invisible Other. Conclusions and Recommendations. Later, a supplemental obituary by Conway was published Conway Vasant P. Victor Premasagar, John H. Piet and S. Kulandran; articles by J. Azariah, Charles A. Ryerson, Samuel Amirtham, Duncan B. Forrester, P. Victor Premasagar.

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Israel Selvanayagam; and a selected bibliography complied by Eleanor Jackson expanding on the bibliography of George R. Alister E.

Worldviews in Conflict. Ronald H. Introducing Radical Orthodoxy. Is There a Meaning in This Text? Kevin J. End of Apologetics, The. Myron B. To Know and Love God. David K.

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Reclaiming the Center. Millard J. Handbook of process theology. Jay McDaniel. The Process Perspective II. Jeanyne B. Truth and the New Kind of Christian. Scott Smith. Is Jesus the Only Savior?

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Naming the Elephant. James W. Can You Believe It's True? John S. Biblical Interpretation. Randolph Tate. Christianity and the Postmodern Turn.

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Contemporary Christologies. Don Schweitzer. Foundational Theology. Neil Ormerod. The Gospel and the Mind. Bradley G.

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With the Grain of the Universe. Stanley Hauerwas. Goddess and God in the World. Carol P. Resurrection and Moral Imagination. Sarah Bachelard. The Peaceable Kingdom. Persons in Relation. Najib George Awad. A Short History of Jewish Ethics. Alan L. The Predicament of Belief. Philip Clayton. Ahmed the Philosopher.

Alain Badiou. Radical Theology. Jeffrey W. Michael Wilkinson. The Passionate Intellect. Norman Klassen. The Analogy of Grace. Gerald McKenny. Paul Tillich and Pentecostal Theology. Nimi Wariboko. A New Handbook of Christian Theologians. Donald W. Dust that Breathes. William Schweiker.

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