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Preview — Lovely Demon by Zanny Lane. Our story begins with an engineer who is fed up with the current state of his career. Unknowingly while having a discussion with a cute girl, who shown an immense interest in his work, made a wish for success.

Shortly after, he found himself thrown miraculously into the height of success. He discovers the reason for his success was from a deal with a Demonic-Reaper. Find Our story begins with an engineer who is fed up with the current state of his career. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 48 pages. More Details Another thing she is only beginning to realize, though, is that living that long under a more strict moral code amongst humans is changing her. Mix her innate naughtiness in, though, and you have a woman whose practical jokes can be hilarious without being too over the top.

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She owns a lot of buildings. Or, in Source Mode: copy-paste rows. Bio : Debra lives on a farm in Maryland with Sweetie, three sons, and a Noahs ark of four legged family members. She has a corporate job during the day, and writes novels at night, after the kids are tucked in bed. She drives an old PT Cruiser, couldnt carry a tune if you duct taped it to her back, and enjoys an occasional cosmopolitan heavy on the vodka.

On a good day, she jogs and horseback rides, hopefully managing to keep the horse between herself and the ground.

Her only known super power is Identify Roadkill. She throws her gum on the floor of five star restaurants, bounces inflatable holiday decorations down the highway at rush hour, and clips jaywalking pedestrians with her car.

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Sam also likes to kill people and keep their souls inside her for all eternity, but acting on that particular urge will get her killed by the angels, who are determined to rid the world of her kind. Sam works hard to keep her human identity realistic: she owns slum rental properties, and she is trying to get her hot neighbor into the sack.

When she kills a werewolf in an act of self-defense, his pack leaders blackmail her into helping track and kill a rogue angel. The very actions she must take to appease the werewolves put her at risk of being discovered and killed by the angels. Because angels show demons no mercy. He needs her help to retrieve an artifact from the vampires, or the powerful demon he owes a favor to will enslave and torture him for centuries.

It should be a simple courier job, but with demons nothing is simple. Sam reluctantly attempts to help her brother, trying not antagonize the vampires or the demon gunning for him, all while chafing to comply with the restrictions her angel has placed on her as a bound demon.

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Sam has become buried in angelic bureaucracy, saddled with a succubus house guest, and is fighting off a never-ending slew of demon hit-men. But imps can never stay out of trouble for long.

Demon corpses have been found drained of all energy, their spirit selves ripped clean from their bodies. But is a devouring spirit really the killer, or is there more to the deaths than either Sam or Gregory suspect? The ancient demon, Ahriman is holding her to the terms and conditions of the breeding contract she signed — and one thousand years under his claw is looking to be the most terrifying thing in all of Hel.

She sure as heck didn't want these feathery angel wings permanently affixed to her back— although those have their perks. She especially doesn't want all the extra projects the Ruling Council keeps dumping on her plate.

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Tricked into protecting a pregnant woman, Sam discovers that her hasty vow came with a whole lot of strings attached — strings that make her question her trust in Gregory. As if that weren't enough chaos for an imp, the angels finally find proof that werewolves are Nephilim - the descendants of fallen angels. An entire race is facing extinction and their only hope for salvation is an angel from Hel.