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They can be nice kids who have made some mistakes. Here are a few:. Here are some tips for ensuring that your child fosters respectful relationships with her peers. If you hear from a teacher or another parent that your child is being a bully, the first thing you should do is talk to your child about the situation.

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Please tell me what happened. Talking through the situation with your child can help you understand why the social aggression is happening, and what steps need to be taken in order to stop it. After Gina was told that her son was harassing other children, she and her husband had many long talks with him about why he was acting out in that way. Bullying gave him power and control over something. Other kids might not be able to articulate why they are acting out.

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This is especially true of younger children and kids who are struggling with anxiety , trauma , or another mental health issue. Once you have investigated the roots of the problem, you can tailor your response to the specific challenges that your child faces in her social interactions. Discuss scenarios that might prove difficult for her to handle, and guide her through appropriate responses.

I want to see you including kids, and I want to see you using only respectful language.

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Encouraging your child to take the perspective of the person who is being bullied can be another helpful way to cope ahead. Children who are exposed to aggressive or unkind interactions at home are likely to repeat those behaviors at school. Kristin Carothers, a clinical psychologist.

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It is possible that bullying takes place in your home, and that you are not even aware of it. Do members of your family engage in yelling, name-calling, or putdowns? Do your children pick on one another, or hit each other? If so, it is important to start fostering a positive home environment , where members of the family treat one another with kindness and respect.

For more information please review our cookie policy. Created to help educate and support families affected by substance use disorders, Not My Child features parents sharing their personal experiences and knowledge to help support other parents and families.

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  6. This film explores different paths to recovery and looks at the disease of addiction. Our hope is that by watching this film and continuing the conversation, families will feel better equipped to address substance use disorders with their children, and foster more open conversations. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map.

    How to find out what's behind the bullying behavior, and foster healthy friendship skills

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