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Posted: May 28, You meant those rubbers and springs? I think they helps. Forearms, especially. I think Passive is misleading.. I think what GD is trying to say is that the arm and hands need to move less no lifting etc. There is no swing in the world that is Absolutely Vertical. All swing excluding the hackers of course with a flat left wrist must have Axis tilt I believe in ballpark of deg at impact.

I think The best way to learn this swing is to find Mac himself , or his students. Like Dana Dahlquist, who is in this thread. I know some TGM , therefore i know how to relate and understand quickly why think works and why things won't.. For a simple reason, we cannot put motions into words, what we think we are doing, we are not doing it, and how can you know what is the intent of the swing unless it comes from the Originator, the intend must be shared,motion must be demonstrated.

Thats why, Golf professionals will never go out of business. I truly do not intend to Mislead anyone. I really know nothing about Morad.. Is this a good method? On another note, as the right leg straightens during the backswing should my left knee be bending toward the right knee or more downward toward the ball. I have had excellent results from this swing and my ballstriking and distance have improved significantly.

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My misses tend to be pull hooks, though I suspect it is due to not "crushing the can" with my left leg enough. Thanks for any input. They could have made a fortune. You google for "stack and tilt" and there is a LOT of people talking about this and as said many times in this thread amatuer golfers are always looking for the next latest and greatest. Posted: May 29, Well I tried this tonight at the range and all I can say is wow.

I've tried swing machine golf and it didn't work for me.

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This added 10 or 20 yards to most of my iron shots. My short irons were about the same I'd say as I never really had a problem hitting my wedges through 8 good distances but never this consistantly. My 3 iron hasn't gone this far or this straight in a long time.

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  • I'm guessing because at the range I had it tee'd up to high and didn't really have a choice. I hope this isn't a one time deal for me as it's really put the excitement back in golf for me. My bad shots were much fewer as well Tried it on the range today but wow was not my reaction. I am hitting shots slightly fat to downright chunky The Big Pinch. Please note Mr Hogans swing.

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