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Flightless Bird demo Poor Grammar fragments Just A Fan fragments I Can't Handle Change fragments Christmas Kids fragments Asleep In The Sea skillz, L. Explosion Of Birds fragments Hope demo Moth Butcher goldfinch melody Paper Boat Sinks goldfinch melody Truck Stop idea Truck Stop demo Robo fragment ROAR is designed to offer access to wraparound support for survivors of crime and their impacted family members.

We support survivors who have experienced all types of crime including:. At the ROAR Center, we believe that every person who experiences a crime deserves access to services and support that can help survivors rebuild and reclaim their lives. We know that far too many survivors of crime experience challenges with accessing legal services and participating in the criminal justice system.

That is why the ROAR Center is particularly focused on serving those who are the least likely to trust the police, report their victimization, or participate during the investigation or prosecution process.

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Our staff of attorneys, paralegals, social workers, and nurses are here to help you with many issues related to the crime you survived. You are not alone! Call us at to get started.