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Like their name implies, brown recluse spiders seek dark, quiet places to hide.

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Read Me A Story: The Spider and the Fly

We hope you join us, and have a wonderful day! Watch out for spiders!!! This Halloween, get inspired by homemade horror.

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There are a tonne of cool Halloween zines out there, like John F. Psychological horror and fitness technology: a match made in heaven. In this story, the poster claims that his fitbit a gizmo that counts your footsteps is recording phantom strolls in the middle of the night.

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This story goes from the prosaic to the horrendous in no time at all. They said to take it back and get a new one. Easy enough. Like a knife cleaved the poor fucker in-twine.

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This story is, I think, about a guy who invents an artificial intelligence system. I think?

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He might be talking to aliens too. They act different.

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  • The Care and Feeding of the Dream Spiders: A Cautionary Tale?
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They talk different. So many different languages all so understandable on an inner level.

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It's almost like music the way they talk…Slow notes of perfect information. Answers so correct you feel them like a beautifully made song. Kids do spooky stuff all the time.

Five Creepy Spiders - Halloween Songs + More Kids Songs - Super Simple Songs

The daughter in this story, however, is something else. Make sure you read all the updates. This story is brilliant for the fact that pretty much nothing happens in it, but you can tell the poster is freaked out as all heck.

She seems to be scared mainly on behalf of her pets. But, before that, a quick mention of the spiders.