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A set of Northern and Continental European countries emerges as a distinct cluster characterized by its particular combination of strong employment-oriented policies and comparatively high protection levels.

Enhancing management strategy, policy and compliance: DMSPC in the spotlight | United to Reform

A qualitative review of policy changes in the most recent years suggests that the gap between these countries and the rest might have further increased. We embed our empirical analysis in a theoretical framework to identify the objectives and the main components of a comprehensive disability policy strategy. The objectives of such a strategy can be subsumed under three headings, representing strategy pillars: prevention and treatment; protection and insurance; and activation and re-integration. Not all these dimensions are covered equally well by the OECD policy scores and will have to be further investigated.

Economic Growth Over? The Office of Programme Planning, Finance and Budget will be the central provider of policy, instruction and guidance for programme planning, budgeting, finance, and programme and financial performance across the Secretariat, including procurement and asset management policy. It will be the primary external client-facing department, serving as the main interface of the Secretariat with Member States and the oversight bodies.

Communication for governance reform

The Office will focus on establishing human resources strategies, developing human resources policies and establishing accountability and compliance frameworks for human resources and other areas with effective monitoring systems. Business Transformation and Accountability will establish and mainstream accountability systems to drive a results-based culture and the proactive management of risk.

By leveraging Umoja and other enterprise solutions, the Division will use business analytics to provide real-time support on performance to stakeholders and conduct management reviews and quality assurance functions in a cycle of continuous improvement, as well as support managers in self-evaluation. The project will continue with the rollout of Umoja Extension 2 and mainstreaming into the Secretariat.

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The Federal Data Strategy will create a coordinated approach to federal data use and management that serves the public. Subscribe to our news updates.

Chapter 5 Strategies and tactics for administrative reform

The mission of the Federal Data Strategy is to fully leverage the value of federal data for mission, service, and the public good by guiding the Federal Government in practicing ethical governance, conscious design, and a learning culture. The use of data is transforming the world. The way the Federal Government provides, maintains, and uses data has a unique place in society, and maintaining trust in federal data is pivotal to a democratic process.

The Federal Government needs a coordinated and integrated approach to using data to deliver on mission, serve the public, and steward resources while respecting privacy and confidentiality. The Federal Data Strategy offers guidance on how agencies should manage and use federal data.

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The Principles and Practices provide a whole-of-government vision, while yearly Action Plans identify concrete steps for agencies to undertake to achieve this long-term vision. In addition, the Data Incubator Project will highlight specific examples, use cases and methods that might be replicated or scaled.

The Federal Data Strategy consists of Principles and Practices to leverage the value of the entire Federal Government data asset portfolio while protecting security, privacy, and confidentiality.

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  • The Federal Data Strategy: Principles and Practices.

The principles and practices deliver a more consistent approach to federal data stewardship, use, and access. The principles are a timeless, enduring framework for agencies, while the practices are actionable, yet aspirational, goals for a 5- to year time horizon. The principles and practices were revised based on comments received from the public.