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Farty Smarty Talking about silly tech, this one takes the cake. If you are the kind of male who loves to have pots of chicken, fries, and litres of beer but unfortunately ends up being the bane of others nasal cavities.

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Something that could've only come out of Britain but not to be confused with the same Shreddies breakfast cereal which ironically is responsible for many morning flatulence issues among males. Using the best materials to ensure the highest standards. View the discussion thread.


Search form Search. Subscribe to Newsletter. Sensors in the straps send instant feedback to a smartphone app, so you can monitor precisely how few calories you are burning.

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Underwear is already a common place for smuggling drugs of the illegal variety, but a recent pharmaceutical innovation could soon make putting pills in your pants a legitimate activity. Designed for treating dermatitis, sleep disorders and bedsores, the medicinal underwear could be rolled out to tackle all manner of ailments. Wake up with a cold?

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In future you might be reaching for your Lemsip-infused pants. You really can have it all.

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Their magic farty pants incorporate a layer of Zorflex, a microporous carbon-based material more commonly used in chemical warfare. Well, now you can simulate the gangsta feeling of putting your firearm straight in your boxers, only with the added comfort of a double-walled denim pouch for abrasion resistance.

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The design also has a patented three-layer moisture barrier, to prevent mishaps if you get a bit excited by the thought of having a big steel barrel shoved in your kegs. A holster that leaves the gun pointing directly at the family jewels, what could possibly go wrong?

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