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Huge plus: most of his books are available in a variety of languages. Read it. Turn out the lights and watch the fireflies flicker, then place the child in bed for a great sleep. Books do allow for miracles. This book explores the importance of sitting, and observing, and just being. Schmidt - Mr. Anyway, Mr. Schmidt's newest novel is a superb look at what happens when tough things occur in life.

In this case, the tough things include the unexpected death of a younger brother and a father who has found another family to love and has decided to never come back.

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But as Mr. Bowles-Fitzpatrick, a butler who shows up on the family doorstep one day, continually reminds Carter, the narrator of this gem of a book, life is difficult and one has two choices -- to be a gentleman or a bore. Bowles-Fitzpatrick is hanging around to ensure Carter chooses to be a gentleman. Told with humor e. Think of Mr.

Bowles-Fitzpatrick as a portly male Mary Poppins who makes you walk the dog and clean the dishes and ultimately reminds all readers of the importance of how we all choose to embrace our life. Knowles tackles tough topics with love and candor. In this novel, Rachel's 13th birthday brings parental fights and ultimately the loss of a childhood home. Basically, this is a compassionately told tale of poverty, family, friendship, being a teen, and sexual identity. Knowles spins tales of tough issues so, so well. We are so proud to call her as a fellow Vermonter and a friend.

The world is conspiring against all her wishes, and her hand is forced when a local white police woman is acquitted for shooting a black man.

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Shay will make you assess what is important for you yourself to stand up for, how your unique traits will manifest your stand, and ideally to actually stand up for something. Ramee's novel is reminiscent of Ms. Thomas's unflinching look at what it is like to be a Black adolescent in the USA today, and that is high praise. Feinstein creates believable teen and pre-teen characters and uses sports to help them deal with life. In this case, a girl wishes to play for a 6th grade boys soccer team; and even though this novel is set in , she is met with hostility from adults and kids; but she also gains new friends.

A great book for anyone suffering from World Cup withdrawal. We also highly recommend Mr. However, her questions as she navigates 6th grade are universal - including how to survive the wrath of the popular girl when she and her popular friends think Merci is interfering with their current crush.

She also is scared and confused by the changes in her beloved grandpa Lolo, her champion in her family.

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Enjoy this book about life as a kid. Clarry manages to find good in everyone and everything. It also appears that her brother blames her for this latter fact and that complicates a lot in her life. In addition, she must fight to be educated as her dad thinks girls don't need schooling. She also only sees her favorite person in the world - her cousin Rupert- once a year in annual trips to Cornwall.

All of this is minor to the issues WWI creates for her family, her stalwart friends, her town, and her country. A lovely tale about a girl who refuses to accept the fact many doors are closed to her dreams. It also brings WWI into the reader's heart with realistic descriptions of war time realities on the home front and in the trenches.

A truly gem of a book for fans of historical fiction and well-told tales. Marsh tackles this topic in a tale that allows kids to internalize what it must be like to be a migrant without a known destination or obvious future. Ahmed has fled the oppression and war in Aleppo only to find himself orphaned in Belgium; Max, a boy from Washington DC, has been reluctantly relocated by his parents to Brussels.

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Both are struggling to figure out what to do with their lives in Europe. Their lives collide unexpectedly leaving us with a tale of compassion, bravery, and everyday heroes. I loved the fact an actual WWII hero inspires a large portion of the plot. It is also a great story for us all. As the School Library Journal stated in a starred review, this novel "thoughtfully touching on immigration, Islamophobia, and terrorism, this novel is a first-purchase.

A good reminder to us all that we may only be one person, but we have power to change unfair and unjust things. Think of it as a thematic collection of our favorite biography series for kids - the Who Is What Was books. Note: Ms. Chambers also edited a thought-provoking collection of essays about Michelle Obama - The Meaning of Michelle.

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Luckily, she has a place where she can temporarily forget her responsibilities - the kitchen. There, she somehow always manages to add magic to everything she cooks, creating food that is just amazingly good. This gift may also be her way to create something for herself. The main character, Bijan Miajidi, is pulled from the obscurity of JV basketball to the varsity limelight, which he hopes will help make it easier to talk to his crush Elle. Instead, he is targeted by an internet photo doctored to make him appear as a terrorist. In short, Ms. Farizhan compassionately and effectively covers coming out stories, cyberbullying, pressure to get into the right colleges, sports, and racism, without preaching, in a true page-turner.

Jason - Jay - is a senior in Michigan ready to finish high school and move on to college until news arrives that his beloved cousin Jun has died under mysterious and shady circumstances. And, no one will talk about it.

Thus, Jay decides to use his spring break to travel to the Philippines and find out for himself what happened. Full of details about Filipino life and coming of age in America as a "hyphen", I can't recommend this book enough. Thomas's second novel even more than her first. As the mother of two teenage boys who love rap and hip hop, I doubly appreciated Ms. Thomas's insights into these genres.

She also must navigate racism at her school and the world at large as well as the larger expectations of Black girls in the music world and in life. We hope her list and the accompanying reviews help you find the perfect book for your next "listen". We hope we can all find time to listen to a good story ASAP. The story spans the life of Alma Whittaker which covers most of the 19th century. Alma is a curious, intelligent and fascinating woman whose passion for botany and evolution make her ahead of other women of the time. This is audiobook is almost 22 hours long and I mostly listened to it whilst driving.

When I was done I had to pull over into a car park as I was crying so much. I felt that sad Alma and Juliet would no longer be accompanying me on my journeys! This middle school fiction novel, narrated by Gemma Whelan is full of wonderful characters, portrayed by Whelan with admirable skill. Morrigan Crow is a young girl who believes that she is cursed and doomed to die at midnight on her eleventh birthday. However, she is saved by the eccentric Jupiter North, who whisks Morrigan away to Nevermoor, where she has to pass various magical tests to become a member of the prestigious Wundrous Society.

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The book is funny, sad, and heartwarming and we experience it all with Alex and the wonderful characters helping him along his journey. This is middle school fiction, but I listened to this with my whole family, including two teenage daughters and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It felt like I was listening to fiction rather than non fiction. And, it was well read by British actor Alfred Molina. That said, it seemed well researched and for me was well worth listening to.

Therese Plummer is a great narrator, who totally brings this book to life. There are many mentions of King Arthur Flour , plus a soupcon of magic. One final thought, if you are from the San Francisco area apparently Plummer mispronounces some street names.

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State of the Union, A Marriage in Ten Parts by Nick Hornby May - A husband and a wife walk into a bar, order a drink, and discuss their marriage before heading to their weekly therapy session - for ten weeks in a row. What comes of it? This isn't the beginning of a joke. Rather, it's the premise of a brilliant, short-but-sweet and even funny 10 chapter novel. Topping out at pages, master comedian and writer Nick Hornby of "About a Boy," and "High Fidelity" fame deftly and sensitively guides readers into the depths of a relationship that's in trouble.

There are kids, there are infidelities, there is wine and beer being served, there are middle aged people feeling a little bit unsexy and even, obviously, a tad bit vulnerable. But this is the loveliness of this whipper-snapper smart novel composed almost entirely of dialogue. And it is this dialogue that made it ripe to be snatched up by Sundance TV which has now made it into a popular series. This may not seem like a Father's Day gift but it is.

It's honest. It addresses the challenges men and women really face when parenting, working, and facing the beautiful! It is a wonderful springboard for discussion. With this cookbook, Mr. Bittman truly helps. Told in a style that assumes the reader is an amateur, without being at all patronizing, this ode to vegetable dishes is a great gift for graduates starting their cookbook library and fathers who may wish to add a few more vegetarian meals to their lives.

For omnivores, Mr.