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Front Matter Pages i-xi. Pages Front Matter Pages Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This edited volume discusses critically discursive claims about the theological foundations connecting Islam to certain manifestations of violent extremism.

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Such claims and associated debates become even more polarizing when images of violent acts of terrorism performed in the name of Islam circulate in the global media. The authors argue that the visibility of such mediated violent extremism, in particular since the emergence of ISIS, has created a major political and security challenge not only to the world but also to the global Muslim community.

Hostile sexism: The one most people think about. Openly insulting, objectifying and degrading women.

Contesting the Theological Foundations of Islamism and Violent Extremism

Kind of seems like a compliment, even though it's rooted in men's feelings of superiority. It's restrictive.

TERF: The acronym for "trans exclusionary radical feminists," referring to feminists who are transphobic. SWERF: Stands for "sex worker exclusionary radical feminists," referring to feminists who say prostitution oppresses women. Trigger warning: A statement that someone is about to experience challenging material that could potentially be disturbing graphic, racially-insensitive, sexually explicit, etc.

The practice is controversial on college campuses. Sex positive: An attitude that views sexual expression and sexual pleasure, if it's healthy and consensual, as a good thing. Mansplain verb mansplainy adjective : When a man explains something to a woman in a condescending way when he either 1 doesn't know anything about it or 2 knows far less than the woman he is talking to.

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Sorry, if you already knew that. Maxine Waters, D-Ca.

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Woke misogynist: Nona Willis Aronowitz paints an all-too-familiar picture of the guy who acts like he's all about gender equality, but then turns around and demeans, degrades and harasses women. His misogyny may not always be overt, but it's there.